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Have a fully operational online business presence in under an hour.

This free service will help you start your online business as easily and as quickly as it can be done.



Use the step-by-step Fast Track mini course to get your ideas online and in front of the world. Then 


Develop your new online business presence with similarly simple Mini Course materials.


Always know what to do, and how to get it done with continued expert support.




Here is how we help you do it:


This is a free step-by step, guided “how to” service designed to lead you quickly through the cutting edge best practices for establishing your public facing business presence online today. We are able to offer these follow-along Mini Courses based upon our affiliate relationships, which cost you nothing, and benefit everyone. Here is where we start, and how we continue to support you after you are online.


  • The Fast Track - The step-by-step guide that brings you live online in under 60 min.
  • Free Mini-Courses – Full follow up courses that let you take on the world.
  • Case Studies - See businesses like yours and how they got to where they are now.
  • Full, Free Support - Get answers to any questions you have directly from the author.


To make your goals happen, the first thing you will need is your web presence. If you follow along with this simple guide, you will be finished in under one hour. That is our promise.

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 We are here for you. (Meet the team, and myself.)

Jeremiah Kephart

CMO / Product Manager

My key topic is your freedom. I became the founder of many businesses to achieve that freedom. And I am excited that you will too.

Jeremy Frandsen

Online Strategy Expert

I want you to be in full control of your time and income, and wake up every morning excited by the life you have built.

Apryl Goldstone

Media & Engagement Expert

It's noisy out there! My passion is for discovering the right channel, and the right timing for your message to ring loud and clear.

Tom Collins

Senior Growth Expert

Former VP of PMI: Once your business has 7 Figures in income per year, you come to me. We will take you to 8 Figures.

Step-By-Step Guide

Congratulations. This is where your new business begins.


Watch this brief introduction and discover how the Fast Track will have your public facing business web presence online and in front of the world in under an hour.



Thanks for watching!  The Fast Track is been broken down into bite-sized pieces to be simple and efficient. You can complete the Fast Track by following these four easy steps (below).




Welcome to the Fast Track!




In under an hour you will have:



A professional URL that you picked yourself with confidence. You will have hosting for your website, and you will have already begun to use it like a pro. You will have installed a design of your choice in real time. You will be able to start telling the world about yourself your services, or your products.



- In brief, your business website will be live.



The Fast Track is designed to take you (regardless of your current skill level) from zero, knowing nothing about the internet to having a public facing website.



“How do I use the Fast Track?” 

Simply begin with the (START HERE) tab just above this sections yellow headline, and follow along.  When you are done, go ahead and proceed to the next section.


“How long will it take?” 

Most of the sections take only a few minutes each.  Step three contains a few follow-along videos, and will take about 30 minutes to complete. All in all this should take no more than 60 min, even if you go slowly. ;)





End of ‘Introduction’ > proceed to next tab.


Click on [#2 - Mindset] just above this sections yellow headline.





At your own pace:




Ready, set, enjoy.



“I am going to enjoy this.” is the correct mindset to have while taking this Mini Course. If you slow down enough to enjoy what you are doing, you can assume that you are progressing at the right speed.


Do not worry about timing yourself. The times provided for the Fast Track are averages and have nothing to do with the results you will achieve regardless of pace. It is more important to follow along comfortably and understand what you are doing than it is to rush ahead.


Even at a leisurely pace it would be almost impossible for the Fast Track to take over 60 minutes.


With that said, there may be places where you feel that you have enough industry knowledge to skip ahead. We would offer that there is no harm in brushing up on the current best practices that are presented here quickly and thoroughly.


The bottom line is that we  want you to come away from this Mini Course (or any Mini Course we offer) feeling confidant and ready to take on the world.


We can also help you in person:


If this step-by-step guide is not sufficient to get you up and running, myself or one of our other founders will get on the phone with you and see if we can help you overcome what is standing in your way.

We have made the method for contacting us available at the bottom of any page you visit here, including this one.





End of ‘Mindset’ > Proceed to next tab.


Click on [#3 - Step-By-Step-Guide] just above this sections yellow headline.





Broken down into bite-sized pieces:




Start here and work down.



A.) Choosing your URL / Website Name


Follow along to choose the most effective name for your website and learn how to do it, where to get it and what to avoid.



The basics:




“What is a URL, exactly?”


One of the first questions that must be answered when starting an online business is “What do I name my website?”

Four our purposes, you may want to think of a URL (also called your Domain Name) as:

- The front door that all visitors pass through on their way to your businesses showroom.

- A reflection of your websites primary topic or brand to your visitors.

- Your websites identifying Name to search engines like Google.

If you would like to research the history of URL’s and all the technical stuff about them, click here.


“How do I choose a URL / Name for my blog, business, brand or niche?”


- A URL should contain 2 to 4 words that both Google and living, berating humans can both read to easily understand the topic of your website.

- Select a URL / Domain name using clear, relevant and descriptive words that speak to the person(s) you will sell too.

- Since any URL can only be registered once (there cannot be two’s for example) you we are searching for a combination of words that describes you, and has not bee registered before.

- After selecting your URL / Name, we will walk you through gaining ownership through a registrar.





 Follow along with the video below and you will be done in a pinch.




Click the banner below to go to BlueHost.* (This link will open in a new window so you can reference the instructions as you work.)


As seen in the video above, you can use the tool here at BlueHost to discover if your URL / Domain name is available without making a purchase.


If you do decide to purchase the URL / Domain name with BlueHost, we have arranged a discount for you that will be applied automatically by using this link.




B.) Get up and running


In Step A you found an appropriate URL for your business.

This section will walk you through securing it as your own by taking you through the simple process of signing up for the web hosting where your website will “live”.



“Should I use Free Hosting or Paid Hosting?”


You have two options for Hosting. Free Hosting or Paid Hosting.


Here are the differences in a nutshell:


Free Hosting


There are several free options available to you if you wish to go with free hosting.

Blogger, Tumbler and are examples.


Benefits of free hosting

- Free hosting will save you $5 – $10 dollars per month in hosting fees.


Drawbacks of free hosting

- The ‘free hosts’ website name will always appear in the address bar, included with your websites name.


- In my opinion, the largest drawback to free hosting is that you have far fewer customization options for your websites design, revenue generation and functionality. As an example, a free website from will not allow the use of many plugins that allow you flexibility and they do not allow any form of eCommerce.  Most businesses that succeed find that as visitor volume increases and customer shopping patterns are identified, they wish to modify their site to help buyers / readers spend. This is very difficult when you are limited by a free hosting service.


Paid Hosting


To avoid the inflexibility of free hosting (and to maximize the available tools you gain with a real hosting service), I recommend strongly recommend BlueHost, which I use myself. BlueHost is the same tool you used a moment ago to choose your URL. It is trusted worldwide, and simple to use.


* For this reason, all of the free how-to videos we offer to support you (even after you are set up and operating) will be provided using BlueHost services as part of our videos / information. If you select a different host, you will need to search out other help to accomplish your future goals.


Benefits of BlueHost include:

- World renown consumer reviews. BlueHost has one of the most loyal customer bases on the web, including us here at

- Extremely affordable. BlueHost offers an outstanding product with perks including: 1 click installation for most services. Support Staff is available 24/7 if / when needed.

- Unlimited storage for all of your content, images and media files.

- Unlimited email accounts for your company, and many more that save a great deal of time and forgo the need for a web developer.

- Using BlueHost will allow you to continue to make use of this step-by-step tutorial.

- Choosing BlueHost will also allow you to use any other tutorials you find here, as many of them are created using the simple tools that BlueHost has to offer.



The video below will walk you through getting on the web.


At no cost to you we will make a small commission as you make use of the links provided.

If you do not wish us to receive a commission for our assistance, you can simply type the links into your browser instead of clicking on them as they are provided. We appreciate you either way.



Click the banner below to go to BlueHost.* (This link will open in a new window so you can reference the instructions as you work.)

Free automatic discount with this link

BlueHost offers a bulletproof money-back guarantee. If you decide to cancel within 30 days, you will receive a full refund.


“How do I transfer a preexisting URL to BlueHost so I can use all of these great tutorials?”

Have a preexisting URL that you would like to transfer to BlueHost? Click here.


C.) Get ready to rock and roll!


Now that you own a piece of the world wide web, let’s set you up to face the world!
This section will give you a brief walk-though of your new hosting, and then get right to the point: Setting up your website so you can begin telling the world about your product, service or topic.




The core service you now have access too:  The Content Management System


Simply put, the Content Management System is the utility that lets you put your information up on the web. You can think of it as a visual interface that you can use to get your ideas live and online quickly, whenever you need too. (It is the thing that keeps us from having to know who to code just to get things done!) The CMS we will be using In the same way that we do not need to know how Windows operates to be able to use it, WordPress (The CMS we will use.) is the primary tool that will be making your life simple online.

For a full list of  ’extra services you now have access too, you can click here, though knowing about these is not needed for getting your website ready to go. The link is merely provided to be thorough.

You will be posting to your home page before you know it! Lets get going.



This video will walk you though setting up your website.


Follow along as before and you will be live in a few minutes. The first half of the video will help you get set up, and the last half will show you exactly how to begin posting your content, images and message to the world.








You are now done, and your website is up.


Proceed to final section. – Click [#4 - Done! What's next?]



Congratulations, you’re done!




Fantastic. Your business is now online!



Here are some excellent actionable next steps you can take to start putting wind into your sails:


I am interested in Blogging!

Recommendations for taking blogging to the N’th degree:


Choose from the two options here:



Click your preference below to navigate to the best mentors on the web

I would like a mentor that has done it all before, and has easy course material I can follow.”


I am very cerebral and like to learn everything there is to know.”




I want to enjoy and have brief steps laid out for me so I can learn for myself.”




Action step 2 – Do this because you really should. And it will be fun.

If you are an (ecommerce dude, blogger) visit somewhere


Action step 1 – Do this because you really should. And it will be fun.

If you are an (niche or information marketer) visit Jeremy.



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